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Pangasius global demand continues to rise

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(Pangasius-vietnam.com) Pangasius production is slowly increasing in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, but mainly to supply the domestic market and some are exported to countries in region and Western markets. Although forecasting the supply of fish down but Vietnam Pangasius quarter I/2011 to the key markets and new markets has increased.


Vietnam catfish industry is continuing efforts to promote exports through the establishment of Development Fund by Pangasius MARD initiated. Accordingly, the DN Pangasius Vietnam will contribute to the fund from 0.1 to 0.2 USD / kg fish for export. Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Vietnam (VASEP) said that starting from May 7 / 2011, the floor price of exported fish was kind of pruning is $ 3.3 / kg and not trimming the $ 2.3 / kg. This is the solution to ensure benefits to farmers and lower prices prevent companies to compete. Consumers in Europe which favored other white fish fillets, mainly cold-water fish such as Alaska pollock, cod and hake fillets. Since Pangasius be included in the consumer market in many EU countries as a species of "tropical white fish," the fish market continues to expand. Many markets in the EU increased NK pangasius, namely Spain increased 16% compared to 2010, the Netherlands 9%, Poland 23%. Germany alone imported fish mitigation.In the quarter I/2011, U.S. imports of catfish increased 20% over the same period in 2010, which accounted for 94% Pangasius, Ictalurus spp remaining fish (6%). Price offers pangasius in Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand increased by the scarcity of domestic supply. Also during this time, the National Inspection Food Safety (FSIS), the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) held a public consultation on the bill inspecting domestic catfish in the U.S. and NK. Under this bill, the catfish and want to export products from catfish to the U.S. to be certified with FSIS inspection system equivalent to the FSIS inspection program and export enterprise system must be inspected Foreign certificates based on the agency's standards. When docked the U.S., the catfish will be inspected again before going to America. However, despite the erratic fluctuations in world markets pangasius fish, this fish is preferred.

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